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Using a deft mix of humor, horror and humanity, the 11 original stories in Squint feature some of the standard Jack Kardiac themes fans have come to love: creatures, super-powered people and swift justice for all! Without question, Squint is guaranteed to give you some surprises you won’t soon forget! (Complete with original covers, illustrations and author’s notes.

In Squint: And 10 More Surprising Short Stories, you’ll experience:


…a con-man who receives a life-changing message from God.

…an angry teen shooter who makes a fatal mistake.

…a carjacking victim who comes up with a permanent solution.

…a guy discover it's never a good idea to steal a girl’s Taco Bell.

…a soldier waking up to confusion and terror in a strange land.

…a little girl defending her family the only way she can.

…one tribe’s sizable savior that soon becomes an even bigger problem.

…a mugging gone horribly wrong (Hint: it pays to know the right people).

…an angry father, a heartbroken daughter and an unexpected gift.

…a rich and powerful businessman who finally finds his place in the world.

…the end of the world (slightly more fun with a friend).

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